The flu is serious

If not treated early, flu symptoms can last for over a week, causing you to miss out on work, hobbies, and time with family and friends. In fact, the CDC estimates that each year, up to 49 million people will be affected by the flu.

Not treating the flu may lead to serious complications in some people, including pneumonia, dehydration, and hospitalization. So the sooner you talk to your doctor about a prescription flu treatment, the better chance you have of fighting the flu.


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*On average, patients recovered from flu symptoms in 2.3 days (54 hours versus 80 hours with placebo).

Is it the flu?

Fever? Aches? Chills? These are common symptoms of the flu—and they can come on fast. If you’re suffering with any of these symptoms, it might be the flu.

XOFLUZA attacks the flu at its source

XOFLUZA can help you recover from symptoms of the flu in just over 2 days.*