The flu moves fast

Staying aware can mean staying healthy. Keep track of where the flu is active across the country.

If you have flu-like symptoms, call your doctor right away and ask if prescription XOFLUZA is right for you.


Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Flu activity estimates, as reported by your state health department. Weekly reports are published about 10-12 days after the “week ending” date, due to the time required to compile national data.

The CDC does not endorse private products, services, or enterprises.

The first 48 hours are critical to fighting the flu

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of the flu—don’t hesitate. The first 48 hours are critical for your treatment. Contact your doctor and ask about prescription XOFLUZA.

Know when the flu is in your area

Sign up for the XOFLUZA Flu Alerts Program and get notified when flu activity spikes in your area.