XOFLUZA can help you feel better in just over two days.*

Over-the-counter medicines just treat symptoms. Prescription XOFLUZA works differently. It attacks the flu virus at its source with just one dose. XOFLUZA can help you feel better in just over 2 days.* But you need to take it within 48 hours of your first symptoms.

XOFLUZA works with just one dose.

Prescription XOFLUZA comes in two tablets taken at the same time.

XOFLUZA is safe for the treatment of the flu.

In clinical trials, side effects with XOFLUZA were similar to or lower than placebo.

Ask your doctor about XOFLUZA.

XOFLUZA is a prescription medication used to treat the flu in people 12 years of age and older who have had flu symptoms for no more than 48 hours. Be sure to contact your doctor at the first sign of symptoms. Not sure what symptoms to look for? Click here

*On average, most patients felt better in 2.3 days versus 3.3 days with placebo.

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