The first 48 hours are critical to fighting the flu.

If you have fever, aches, and chills, you may have the flu. So act fast. You only have a 48-hour window to treat the flu with prescription XOFLUZA.

To learn more about what symptoms to look for, visit the CDC site

Treat the flu at the first sign of symptoms.

In certain patients who are at risk for complications, the CDC recommends treating the flu with a prescription medication within the first 48 hours of experiencing symptoms. People with mild illness, who are not at risk for complications, may also be treated early with a prescription medication. Even if you received the flu vaccine and have still come down with the flu, you can still treat it with a prescription medication.

Do more than treat flu symptoms.

Over-the-counter medicines just treat flu symptoms. Prescription XOFLUZA is different—it attacks the flu virus at its source, helping shorten the time you suffer from symptoms of the flu to just over two days.*

Contact your doctor and ask for prescription XOFLUZA.

If your doctor is unavailable or you're having trouble getting to your doctor's office, consider your nearest urgent care facility. You can also connect with a doctor through an online medical service provider now.

PlushCare, an independent medical service, can connect you with a board-certified doctor by phone or computer without having to leave your home. Most appointments can be made the same day and they accept most insurance plans. Appointments are fast and doctors are able to write prescriptions for pickup at your local pharmacy.

*On average, patients felt better in 2.3 days versus 3.3 days with placebo.

The CDC does not endorse private products, services, or enterprises.

Save on XOFLUZA.

Pay as little as $30 for your XOFLUZA prescription, up to $60 off. Terms and conditions apply.

The flu is serious. Fight it seriously.

If left untreated, the flu can be potentially life threatening. With prescription XOFLUZA, you can start to feel better in just over 2 days.*