Treat the flu at the first sign of symptoms

In certain patients who are at risk for complications, the CDC recommends treating the flu with a prescription medication within the first 48 hours of experiencing symptoms. People with mild illness, who are not at risk for complications, may also be treated early with a prescription medication. Even if you received the flu vaccine and have still come down with the flu, you can still treat it with a prescription medication.

Attack the flu at its source

Over-the-counter treatments treat flu symptoms. XOFLUZA is different—it attacks the flu virus at its source, helping shorten the time you suffer from symptoms of the flu to just over 2 days.*

Contact your doctor promptly

The first 48 hours of flu symptoms are the most important time to seek a prescription flu treatment. If you experience any flu-related symptoms, see your doctor at the first sign of symptoms to ask about prescription XOFLUZA. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start recovering from your flu symptoms.

To learn more about what symptoms to look for, visit the CDC site.


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*On average, patients recovered from flu symptoms in 2.3 days (54 hours versus 80 hours with placebo).

Is it the flu?

Fever? Aches? Chills? These are common symptoms of the flu—and they can come on fast. If you’re suffering with any of these symptoms, it might be the flu.

XOFLUZA attacks the flu at its source

XOFLUZA can help you recover from symptoms of the flu in just over 2 days.*